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The Ethiopian online market has been booming since 2019, the Internet is now a reality of most of the Ethiopians leaving in Urban areas, and its presence is moving fast to the rural areas.

The most successful Apps/Websites in Ethiopia are mainly operating in the Transport, the delivery and the gaming industry. Most of this App/Websites provide Online and Offline (Cash On Delivery) payment options.

Some regions of Ethiopia have been embracing Online & Mobile payments faster than others; the same conclusion also applies to the different sector of the Ethiopian industry.

The new Ethiopian regulation, released by the National Bank of Ethiopia, should unlock Online payment in the country. The IT community expect Online payments to be booming in the coming three years (2021-2023).

HelloCash as #1 Online payment in Ethiopia as made its API’s (computer codes) public allowing all the App/Website suppliers to integrate Online payments in their solutions.

HelloCash has in the last five years developed a fully adapted platform to the Ethiopian context; The service is made to accept Online and Mobile money payments from everyone who owns a phone, from a low-end phone to a smartphone.

End users who don’t access the Internet having an HelloCash account, 2 200 000+, can pay their bills via USSD /SMS. The ones who do not have an HelloCash account can pay over the counter via 11 000+ Bank Branches/Agents outlets sprayed all over Ethiopia.




Selam bus the first long-distance bus travelling company start selling tickets via the HelloCash platform in 2018. Customer call their call centre; the operator generates a bill notified via SMS In the two coming hours, the customer pays its ticket via his HelloCash account or one of the 10000 HelloCash outlets. Otherwise, the order is cancelled by the system.


Most of the delivery companies have been growing amazingly in Addis Ababa for the last two years.

It remains that few of them are connected to Online payments.

We expect that two happen soon.

eCommerce #1 eCommerce platform in Ethiopia provide items made in Ethiopia from more than 1000 suppliers. The platform is delivering all over Ethiopia using HelloCash to collect payments as well as to pay the suppliers. It has the specificity to collect payments via its Telegram Chabot @helloo_market_bot


Abyssiniabet is the first sport betting company in Ethiopia who launched a complete online betting platform integrating a full billing and payment solution provided by HelloCash.

Task On Demand

Eziti PLC have developed an amazing service “Task On Demand, end-users of Addis Ababa can now order skilled people (plumbers, electricians, etc.) online.

The service named taskmoby is using HelloCash for payment disbursement.


Ethiopian Airlines the #1 airline on the African continent has integrated HelloCash as one of its payment platform to collect payments all over Ethiopia.

Online Tutorial

HelloEthio as recently launched an international platform to connect Ethiopian Diasporas to the motherland. One of the most successful services is “tutorial learning in Amharic”.The payment from supplier to suppliers is handled by the HelloCash platform.

Online advert

B. Singularity newly established is specialized in sales third party products based on digital media. The company have fully integrated HelloCash into their sales platform.

Online Health

Telemed PLC first company providing live medical advice on the phone in Ethiopia as developed successfully a subscription model based on HelloCash.

Pay as You Go

HelloSolar is the first successful Pay As you Go Home Solar System provider in Ethiopia. More than 6 000 families have benefited from a Solar Home System all over Ethiopia. HelloCash has been providing the Online platform as well as the Billing platform. Today other Online payment options have been added to the platform.

Air Time Yemulu

EthioTelecom, the unique Telecom provider of the
country, have made significant efforts to integrate online payment as a payment
option. After a slow start paying your phone bill started to be common
practice in Ethiopia.

HelloCash is proud to have been month after month in the top three most used payment methods.


DSTV/Multichoice first private TV channel in Ethiopia, recognized as a centre of excellence by all Ethiopians as been one of the first companies to integrate mobile money as a payment option for its customer.

Even if HelloCash is not yet one of their payment option we recognize that they have paved the way for a lot of Businesses.

The HelloCash value proposition is all about providing simple, easy and well-adapted digital payment solutions; supported by a countrywide agent network. The HelloCash platform offers open access for various value-added services into a unique Eco-system.

Zewdu Assefa – Deputy CEO

“Pay with Hello”

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