Online payments

What makes our payments unique?

With HelloCash Online Payment (HelloPay), your Organization can:

  • Collect payments of your digital invoices from all over Ethiopia. End users can pay directly from their HelloCash account, or at the closest HelloCash Branch or Agent.
  • Process payments to relatives, suppliers or payroll, you can send a payment to anyone who has an Ethiopian phone number.

How it works?

  • Open an HelloCash Business Account at one of our partner Bank
  • Make payments or send money via our online portal. Payment have never been so easy enter the phone number of the receiver, the amount press send, enter your PIN code via your phone to confirm, payment is done.
  • To collect payment access your portal generate invoices, when customers pay you will be immediately notified by SMS.
  • Invoices can also been created via our open API’s and integrated into your App/Website.
  • All transactions are done in real time and instantly reported on your online portal.

How are customers paying?

HelloCash is not only the most convenient way for a Business to pay and be paid, it is also the first Omnichannel payment method in Ethiopia customers have multiple options to pay they can process the USSD bank code of their bank (exemple: *912#) as well as pay via the HelloCash App or even more simple via Telegram HelloCashBot.

As soon as they access their account HelloCash will ask them to confirm payment by entering their PIN code, payment is done.

In case the beneficiary does not have an HelloCash account, the system generate one, the sent amount is instantly credited on its new account; Beneficiary can now Cash-out at the closest HelloCash Branch or Agent.

How to invoice from my App/Website and be paid via HelloCash?

Go on our page certified agents and pick up your favorite profile; take contact they will be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation helping you to design the most appropriate solution.

Please note that most of our certified agents are Freelancers, if you want to use their services to integrate your App/Website with HelloBill & HelloCash Online Payment commercial terms will be discussed directly with the agent.

The amount of the integration is based on the complexity of the demand, a standard integration is estimated at 5 000 Birr.

In case that you have your own IT team, we will provide you freely 15 hours assistance online during open hours.

For complementary information do not hesitate to send an email to

In case you are an IT developer, click on the following link to access our public API’s.

HelloCash API’s : HelloCashApi

To access our Sandbox send an email to; we will provide you the necessary credentials in the coming 24 hours .

Note as an IT developer, you can register to the BelAcademy (HelloCash Academy) certification program. You will be trained and certified on the HelloCash API’s for Free.

To know more click on the following link: BelAcademy
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