HC Business Account

What make it unique?

The HelloCash Business Account (HBA) is offering the most advanced Online payment features.

Your customers can now pay online or via 11.000+ Bank branches/Agents bills send by your Organization.

From your HBA you can also pay your invoices online or proceed to cash disbursement.

All transactions are live and notification is done instantly by SMS or Email. Your organization has access to our online reporting.

One unique feature is that from your account you can now generate bills and disburse airtime to your employees.

Note that you can link your HBA account to your regular Business Account.

With HBA you have full control of your financial transactions.

To summarize the following features are available:

  • Payment Collection
  • Loan collection
  • Payment of suppliers
  • Salary disbursements
  • Allowance payments
  • Government payments
  • Loan disbursements
  • Airtime disbursements
  • Notification

Most popular features

Bill Payment & Cash Collection

Bill Payment & Cash Collections are used to collect payments for Merchants. Using HelloCash Business account. Merchant can invoice their customers and accept payment through this payment system. The payee can pay a Bank Branch and pay in cash for payment he/she has been invoiced for or from Mobile Phone through HelloCash.

Key advantages:

  • Drive walk-in customers to your branches
  • Go to market in matter of days
  • Provide Customer education and Awareness creation on Digital Financial services
  • Additional revenue for the bank

Send Money and Salary Disbursement

Businesses will be able to make salary payments to their employees. During bulk disbursement, Employees will receive SMS then can be exchanged with cash at the Bank branch or Agent of the Bank and can be withdrawn or can be used for services available on HelloCash i.e. Send Money, Airtime, Pay Bill etc.

Key advantages:

  • Self-service for corporate clients to make salary disbursement to their employees online.
  • Customer education and Awareness creation on financial services.
  • No exclusivity, no upfront cost arrangement to acquire the technology.

Social Cash Disbursements

Non Profit organizations can make payments to groups of people in real-time at the click of a button. The use cases include Cash transfers for NGO’s when requested, cash transfers for drought relief programmes etc.

Key advantages:

  • Attractive value add service to large organizations

Bulk Airtime disbursement

Business customers who wish to make Bulk Airtime disbursement to their employees without any intervention from another provider.

Key advantages:

Self-service for Business clients to make bulk airtime disbursement to their employees.

Required documents to open your account

Go to the nearest branch of your favourite bank, bring all necessary documents and your account will be open on the spot.

  • Business License
  • Business Registration
  • Trade Licence
  • Tin Number
  • Memorandum of Associations
  • Article of Associations
  • General Managers ID

Do not forget your stamp.

Before making a Cash Deposit ask for your Online “User Login and Password” as well as a presentation on HelloCash Enterprise Portal.

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