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HelloCash is a unique mobile money service provided by four financial institutions in Ethiopia.

HelloCash has developed an Omnichannel solution allowing the consumers to transact via their favourite channels All channels are fully secured and can be used independently from each other.


HelloCash can be accessed by Dialing the USSD code of your bank. Your HelloCash account is connected to your companion phone in the most secure way.

Every transaction on your account will be notified to you via an SMS.

If you have an android smartphone (Samsung, Techno, etc.) do not hesitate If you have an android smartphone (Samsung, Techno, etc.) do not hesitate to download our App that will facilitate your transactions, in case the internet is not available our application will use the USSD capacity of the Telecom Network.

USSD per Bank:
  • SMFI: Dial *838#
  • LION BANK: Dial *803#
  • CBO : Dial *983#
  • Wegagen Bank : Dial *819#

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Some of the banks providing the HelloCash services have activated the HelloCash IVR ( Voice response feature ) it allows the customers to access their account by calling the right phone number and pressing the right options based on an interactive voice session between you and your customers.

Note that the IVR does not provide all the features that you can access Online or via USSD (mini reporting is not available).

IVR per Bank:
  • SMFI: Dial 8246
  • LION BANK: Dial 8803
  • CBO : Dial 8140
  • Wegagen Bank : Dial 8919


Be safe with our secured App, connected 24 hours a day, access the following functions:

  • Direct payment
  • Bill payment
  • Send money
  • Receive remittance
  • Save
  • Borrow
  • Manage

Life has never been as easy.

Telegram ChatBot

HelloCash Telegram is the most popular ChatBot in Ethiopia, easy, simple and secure, nothing to download.

The HelloCash Telegram ChatBot integrates all the types of transactions offered by your HelloCash account, you can even register your family they will benefit from a HelloCash Basic account that you can upgrade to a HelloCash Standard account at the Branch or Agent level by presenting yourself with a valid ID card.

You can access your ChatBot via most of your online devices (phone, laptop, tablet).

In the near-future HelloCash will also provide HelloCash Messenger ChatBot as well as HelloCash WhatsApp ChatBot.

Telegram ChatBot per Bank:
  • SMFI: @hellocash_smfi_bot
  • LION BANK: @hellocash_lib_bot
  • CBO : Dial @hellocash_cbo_bot
  • Wegagen Bank : @hellocash_wegagen_bot

Buy Airtime (phone credit)

Recharging my phone credit as never been as simple, follow the menu select Buy Airtime, chose your amount, enter your secured PIN; your phone is instantly credited.

Enterprise portal

With your Online Business Portal (Enterprise) you access your HelloCash Business account online 24/7.

You can now :

  • Send individual or bulk invoices.
  • Make individual or bulk payments.
  • Add airtime on one or multiple phones by a simple click.
  • Get instant reporting and notification for all payments received.

Your branch manager will provide you access to your free Online portal.

Companion card (HelloCard)

Please note this feature of HelloCash will be available end of 2021

The HelloCash companion card, HelloCard is connected to your HelloCash account, you can use it all over Ethiopia in any ATM or POS.

The companion card will be provided to you, on the spot, by the bank that has provided you with your HelloCash account.

You have now full access to your HelloCash account via your phone and you can access any POS to pay or ATM’s to process withdrawals.

QR Code

As a HelloCash customer, you can scan our QR and process payment in the easiest way. Just enter the amount to pay and your PIN code, payment is done.

As a merchant having a HelloCash Business account click on the following button and we will email your HelloCash Business Account QR Code.

Customer support

We understand the word support is available 24 hours / 365 days a year.

Our support centre integrates the most advanced technology, do not hesitate to contact us anytime via Phone, Chat, email and ticket.

  • SMFI: @hellocash_smfi_bot
  • LION BANK: @hellocash_lib_bot
  • CBO : Dial @hellocash_cbo_bot
  • Wegagen Bank : @hellocash_wegagen_bot

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