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Take your business to the next level

HelloCash Business Banking is the #1 Online payment platform in Ethiopia. Provided by five HelloCash partners Banks you can now connect your organization to receive online instant payments.

Whether you’re a brand-new sole proprietor or an established company, HelloCash offers financial tools to help you grow your business.

A free and effortless business bank Account

Apply all over Ethiopia

In more than 1000 branches you can apply to open a HelloCash Business Account all over Ethiopia from the following FI’s;

  • Somali Micro Finance
  • Lion International Bank
  • Wegegan International Bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Oromia
Minimize Fees

We don’t have balance requirements, and we don’t charge maintenance fees or overdraft fees.

Bank 100% Online

Manage your business finances anywhere with the HelloCash Enterprise WebApp Portal.

100 % Secure

All your transactions are fully secured. Your account is linked to your phone and every transaction initiated online will need to be approved by entering your PIN code via your phone. Your phone is the perfect companion for your account.

Pay vendors and contractors in a click

Instant payment to your payee’s bank account if they have a HelloCash Business Account or to any bank account in Ethiopia via ETswitch.

Invoice your customers in a click

With our online portal or via our Open API integrated into your application you can invoice any customer in a click or automatically.

Collect payments all over Ethiopia

Customers can pay their invoice from their HelloCash account via their phone or go to one of our 15 000 HelloCash outlets and pay over the counter.

Instant Transfers (small processing fee)
  • Instantly pull funds in from another account
  • Push money instantly out to owned accounts
Streamline your accounting

Download your transactions in an Excel format and integrate them into your accounting system.

Create, send, and manage digital invoices in seconds

Make personalized invoices and email them to your clients through the HelloCash Enterprise Portal or via your APP/WebSite.

Our certified agents can help to integrate HelloCash Online Payment into your App/Website.

Dedicated solutions can be provided on Demand.

End users can pay directly from their HelloCash account, the ones who do not have an HelloCash account can pay on the counter via one of our 11 000 HelloCash Branch/Agents. You are immediately notified and the money is instantly on your account.

Generate your Bill via your App/Website or HelloCash Enterprise Portal (HEP). A dedicated solution can be provided on Demand.

Our partners’ bank will open an online HelloCash Business account for you in less than 5 minutes, providing you access to the HelloCash Enterprise portal;

Paying your bills can now be done via 1000+ Branches, 10 000 HelloCash agents nationwide or directly by 2.2 Million+ HelloCash end users.

“Pay saying Hello”


Instant Online Payment

With HelloCash Online Payment (HOP), your Organization receives instant online payments from all over Ethiopia. End users can pay directly from their HelloCash account, or at the closest HelloCash Branch or Agent.

Online Entreprise Portal

With HelloCash Enterprise Portal (HEP) you access your HelloCash Business account online 24/7. Make individual or bulk payments via the portal. Get instant reporting and notification for all payments received. Your branch manager will provide you free access to HelloCash Enterprise Portal.

Online Bills

HelloCash Bill Payments (HelloBill) allows your Organization to send bills via your App, your Website or your HelloCash Enterprise Portal (HEP). Bills are instantly notified by SMS or by email to the end-users and can be cancelled manually or automatically anytime. End-user can pay bills via there HelloCash account, or HelloCash Branches/Agents. Paid bills are immediately notified via email and SMS to you.

What Organizations say?

“Helloomarket.com is the only eCommerce platform who deliver all over Ethiopia. Thanks to HelloCash Online Payment Online.”

― Mahdi Saleh
GM HellOOmarket

“Abyssiniabet.com is the first Online Sport Betting in Ethiopia. HelloCash Online Payment has been the partner who made it possible.”

― Ashenafi Nigussie,
GM Abyssiniabet

About us

BelCash have been serving the Ethiopian market since more than 10 years.

BelCash is a Fintech specialized in developing IT platforms for Financial Institutions.


TEL: +251 116 174455

PO BOX 1075, Queen Elizabeth Street No 581
Shi – Semania, Woreda 7, Kebele 10, House No. 47
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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