Enterprise portal

The usage of the Online Portal is Free.

What makes your Online Portal unique?

With your Online Business Portal (Enterprise) you access your HelloCash Business account online 24/7.

You can now :

  • Send individual or bulk invoices.
  • Make individual or bulk payments.
  • Add airtime on one or multiple phones by a simple click.
  • Get instant reporting and notification for all payments received.

Your branch manager will provide you access to your free Online portal.

“HelloCash Portal made my live so easy – Lilian Kidane”

Example: How to reconcile invoices and payments?
Downloading invoices from your portal
  1. Go the HelloCash Log in page : https://portal-et.hellocash.net/
  2. Log into your account by entering:
  3. Bank code (or mobile associated with that bank)
  4. Password for that account
  5. Select your financial institution

NOTE: if any of the above is incorrectly entered more than 3 times, the account will be LOCKED, you will need to contact your Bank to UNLOCK. Therefore, do not attempt to enter information unless you have all of the accurate information in hand.

  • Once you have successfully entered your account in Enterprise portal, then click on the top right hand corner logo as shown here to open the pull-down menu of options as show here.
  • Once you see the pull-down menu of options, click on the “Download Invoices” option

Once the below screen opens, you will need to determine the date parameters for download. To do this:

  • Select the start dates of when the invoices were created
  • Select the ending dates of for when the invoices were closed out (or converted into paid transactions)
  • Click the “Start Download Invoices” button
  • A downloaded .csv file will show up at the bottom left of your screen (see below screenshot)
  • Wait until the file is completely downloaded.
  • Click on the file to open

The file will open into an Excel-like document (see below screenshot)

  1. Save the file as a .xls file[LK1] 
  2. Then expand the view to look like the below.
Downloading payments from your portal
  1. Use the same approach as previously explained concerning the invoices.
Reconciliation of payment and invoices
  1. With the Invoices and Transactions for the same time period downloaded and saved on your computer, you can now proceed to the reconciliation process to determine who paid for which transaction using what account.

2. Once the invoices and transactions for a given period have both been downloaded, copy and paste both documents (Invoices sheet and Transactions sheet into one single Excel document (see below).

3. Once both Invoices and Transactions have been placed into a single sheet, a comparison can be done between the two sheets using the TRACE NUMBER.

4. The Trace number is a unique number that tags a credit or debit transaction when it goes from one bank account to another. Also called a trace ID, this number is used to determine where a transaction’s funds lie at a certain time. It can be searched for across both sheets – Invoice and Transactions to clearly determine who paid for what, when and through which mechanism.

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