Hello Market 1st Show room

Yesterday Ethiopian first full-fledged # eCommerce platform (Helloomarket.com) has inaugurated its first Show Room, it was such a pleasure to see our visitors surprised by the diversity and the quality of the products “Made in Ethiopia”. On the 24th of December Helloomarket.com will, in partnership with EMS and DHL, go live worldwide. Be the firstContinue reading “Hello Market 1st Show room”

Which neobanks will rise or fall?

Denis Barrier, Alex Lazarow/ 9:51 PM GMT+3•October 2, 2020 The neobank, or digital bank, phenomenon continues to take the world by storm, with global winners, from Brazil’s Nubank valued at $10 billion and Berlin’s N26 valued at $3.5 billion, to Chime, now valued at $14.5 billion as the most valuable consumer fintech in the United States. Neobanks have led the charge of the $3.6Continue reading “Which neobanks will rise or fall?”

HelloCash improving the lives of the “unbanked”

With HelloCash in widespread use, getting everyone access to banking is within reach. Share this story In the Somali Regional state of Ethiopia, a woman sets out to do her food shopping for the day. She needs cash before she heads to the market, but the nearest bank would be several days’ walk. Instead, sheContinue reading “HelloCash improving the lives of the “unbanked””

Neobanking the Future? (Medici&Research)

Just like how quantum theory questioned stereotypical notions of physics and challenged common ideas around concepts of reality, neobanks are doing something similar to the banking industry. Digital banking is no longer a theory; it has evolved to become part of our everyday lives. In this article, we look at the growth of Neobanking, its success story,Continue reading “Neobanking the Future? (Medici&Research)”

Ethiopia Opens Up Mobile Money Services to Local Non-Financial Firms

By ReutersApril 02, 2020 11:13 AM ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Ethiopia’s central bank will allow locally-owned non-financial institutions to start offering mobile money services as it seeks to boost non-cash payments in the country, it said. The Horn-of-Africa nation is in the midst of massive economic reforms led by reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, including the privatizationContinue reading “Ethiopia Opens Up Mobile Money Services to Local Non-Financial Firms”